RUAN is the essence of style and refined taste. There is nothing in excess. All elements complement each other, emphasizing the beauty, grace and functionality of the model. The range of upholstery materials will allow you to turn into the most daring designer and create your own unique style.
Adjustable angle headrests will delight you at the end of the working day. Even the most avid critics
will appreciate simple and very reliable "Dolphin" will appreciate sleeping mechanism.  Laundry boxes in the chaise longue and armchair will keep all your secrets.  Sitting down on it, it is easy to imagine yourself on the podium in the light of spotlights and under the views of hundreds of cameras. A fruitful work is behind of the creation of this truly exclusive exhibit. You can even hear how designers argue about the choice of fabric, and how the sewing machine knocks, making barely noticeable stitches that connect together all the details of the masterpiece. And of course, it is impossible to hide the desire to have such a thing. RUAN is an exclusive sofa which will be to your taste!

We focus on quality

We control quality at every stage of manufacturing, starting with component parts and materials which are used in production. Frames are made from multi-layer plywood and dry softwood for strength of all bearing elements.

Model scheme

  • Sofa height: 760 mm
  • Sofa height with raised headrests : 970 mm
  • Seat height: 450 mm
  • Seat depth: 670 mm
  • Seat depth with lumbar support cushions: 570 mm
  • Sleeping area: 1850×1380 mm
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