Stay alone, listen to your house. What will the walls and windows tell you? Your space may be whispering a new name, VEGA. The innovative design of the sofa is justified by the trends of time.
A modular system helps make this unique sofa the right size. In his power to fill any space.
The laconic armrests complement VEGA by highlighting the ultra-modern interior style, and the rolling transformation mechanism will please the ease of use and size of the sleeping place.

Hairpin pillows not only decorate this sofa, but also add comfort when using it.

Every house has its own style, emotions, its own soul... VEGA soul Собрать свой диван

We focus on quality

We control quality at every stage of manufacturing, starting with component parts and materials which are used in production. Frames are made from multi-layer plywood and dry softwood for strength of all bearing elements.

Model scheme

  • Sofa height: 1015 mm
  • Seat height: 480 mm
  • Seat depth: 540 mm
  • Sleeping space size: 1950s x 1520 mm
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